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How to setup a website with .ie Irish Domain

For small businesses in Ireland who are targeting a mainly Irish market or audience a .ie domain name is a good idea.

Do .ie names help in Google search?

In short YES if your users are searching using Google.ie or any other search engine targeted at your country they will promote those domains with a TLCD (Top Level Country Domain) first. Search engines can determine very quickly your geographic market / location with a .ie domain name.

However the flipside is dont expect a .ie domain to appear very high in search in the US or Australia for example - again you need to target your audience with a .com or a .co.au

How to apply for a .ie domain name

As a small business you have 2 main options: 

1. Discretionary Name

2. Registered Business Name

1. Discretionary Name Applicant

If you are a new business or have a business idea and wish to secure a .ie domain You need to provide the following:

Evidence of investing time in your project e.g. some promotional materials or brochures.

Signed letter on headed paper from a bank manager, chartered accountant, registered auditors, tax consultant, solicitor or relevant professional body/association confirming your claim to the proposed domain name. 

2. Registered Business Name Applicant

If you are already trading and have a business name setup throught the CRO (Company Registration Office) you can provide your RBN Registered Business Number for the application this applies for a Sole Trader, Company or Unincorporated Association. Note your number must be found on the CRO website

As a Sole Trader you can also provide VAT Number, Bank Statement  for your Business Account (no need to show your financials!) or a statement from your accountant, tax advisor, solicitor or bank manager

There are other options for applying for a .ie name e.g if you are a Sports Club or School or State body.

For more information you can visit the IEDR website


On Target Web Design can register your domain name for you. The fee is €15 for a .com and €40 for a .ie (payable annually)

If you prefer to register the domain yourself please visit Namesco (Register365)

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