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How to make a hyperlink on your website

Login to your website

Step 1: Login to the site e.g mywebsite.ie/login

Step 2: Go to the page you wish to edit and click the edit icon.

Step 4: Select the text (use the mouse click and drag to highlight) to use to launch the link e.g. "Contact us". 

Step 3: On the tool bar find the little chain link icon.



Step 4: A popup window will appear and the parameters for the hyperlink will appear.

When the popup loads you can see that there are a number of different options for you to choose from.

The top half of the popups contain your traditional (External) link options, while the bottom half displays the options for linking within the website (Internal)


Making an link to another website (external link)

Step 5: In the url text window type the website that you want to link to in the following format: http:///www.mysite.com/ .

It is often easier to simply copy and paste the url from the site that you want to link to by visiting the specific page.

Step 6: Choose your target. For this example we are going to open in a new window so you need to click on the drop down window next to the target label and click on the 'open in new window' option.

Step 7: Click insert at the bottom left of the pop up window and the piece of text that you had previously highlighted should now appear as a link

Step 8: Save the article should now display the hyperlink ready to be clicked and opened

You can also link to a page within your own website using this method - however skip step 6!

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