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How to clean text (remove formatting) after copying from Word

Every website has its own style for things like headings and paragraph text.This gives every page consistency which ultimately makes it easier for your readers.

You may have a lot of content on Microsoft word or similar which you need to copy and paste onto your blog or Website - how do you do this correctly?

Key skills here are Select All (Ctrl+ A), Copy (Ctrl + C), Paste (Ctrl + V)

The problem...copying text from Microsoft Word

When you copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) text in from Microsoft Word or other Word-processing program you also copy the formatting (style) of the text which ends up making your website look messy with a range of different styles.

solution 1 - "Remove Formatting" Button

Once you paste your text in - select all the text (Ctrl + A) then click the little eraser button on your editor.

This will remove all the nasty Microsoft Word formatting and leave you with a nice clean article.


Solution 2 - Use Notepad or TextEdit (mac)

Option 2 is to first copy your text from Word into Notepad (the web designers best friend)

Start Menu >Programs > Accessories > Notepad

This cleans all the formatting - then copy it from Notepad into your website article.

Remember you can't copy paste an image from Word into your website -see my image tutorial on how to do that!

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