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Correctly redirect a webpage to a new address

Sometimes you need to change a URL (address) of a page in order for it to be redirected to a new page.

If the original page is ranking well on searches it is essential to perform a 301 redirect.

To do this yourself you need to access Cpanel then in the file manager access the .htaccess file

Enter the originalĀ URL and point to the new URL - like these examples

Redirect 301 /home.html https://www.lec.ie/
Redirect 301 /probationary-teachers.html https://www.lec.ie/contact-us.html

Once done save the file and you are done!

Prevent loss of rankingsĀ when designing a new site

If you are planning a new website and need to redirect all the links from your old site to the new site On Target Web Design can help you do this and avoid painful loss of rankings.

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