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How to increase traffic and hits to your website

This is my free guide to increase hits on your website based on Search Engine Optimisation best practice.

  1. Update your site regularly. Why? Search Engines Crawl sites that are updated regularly more frequently therefore you will get better results.
  2. Use Keyword rich titles for new articles that you post on your site. Why? The title tag is one of the first areas a search engine will use to rank content. It is also a good idea to ensure your page titles are using H1 (Heading 1 Format) for page titles.
  3. Use a Sub heading written in H2 format. Why? Again this will help a search engine rank yiour content effectively.
  4. Write interesting and relatively keyword rich content - but don't sacrifice readability and overuse keywords. Why? Search engines are not stupid, nor is your audience. Pages that go overboard on keywords or repeat them over an over tend to get marked down.
  5. Ensure your writing is spell checked and grammatically correct. Why? Again the sophistication of Search Engine Robots that do the task of ranking will consider your grammar and spelling and penalise or promote accordingly.
  6. Links Keywords in your article to other relevant pages in your site - Why? Search Engines love links especially if the link is related to relevant content. This is equivalent of giving those keywords a boost.
  7. Use Meta Descriptions and keep them under 70 words or 350 characters. Why? Like the title tag the meta description is very important and helps the Search Engine rank your page,also your meta description should contain text from your article.
  8. Use Alt Image tags (Alternative Text) on your images. Why? A search engine doesn't actually see you image only the code for the image. The Alt tag therefore has a very important purpose of describing an image. It is also very important for visually impaired users of your site who may be using a screen reader.
  9. Get inbound links. In other words ask other businesses / friends etc to link to your site from their website. Why? This will increase you page rank and shows search Engines that your site is very popular. This is why Wikipedia gets such good ranking as many people are linking to it.
There are other things you can do on a site wide basis such as having a site map and ensuring your robots.txt file is configured correctly.
Hope you enjoyed reading this and best of luck in writing optimised articles!
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