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Responsive Website Design - fits PC Ipad Tablet or Smart phone

Responsive Web Design - PC Tablet Ipad MobileIt's amazing how quickly things change in the world of webdesign. In the good old days I could design for one screen size only but now a website has to fit on lots of different devices and platforms - a "one size fits all" approach. Here at On Target Web Design I have been keeping up to date with the latest technology and have been developing "Responsive Websites" that automatically resize to fit perfectly within the device it is being viewed on. This greatly assists the user in finding the content quickly without having to do funky resize actions with thumb and forefinger! Considering that 15-20% of all website traffic is from mobile alone it is essential your website can respond. To test the responsive design in action try loading and resize your screen - you can see how the website neatly stacks up as the screen gets narrower down to iphone size Contact me today to discuss your project or upgrade your existing site to a responsive site!

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